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What Makes an Outback Gas Barbecue?

What Makes an Outback Gas Barbecue?

In 2013 Outback re-introduced Lava rock as a cooking system, replacing the flavour bar that had been trialled through the previous year. Outback had continued to use Lava rock on the Excel and Omega, this created both confusion with consumers as to what was best, though there is no difference in how either medium cooks, the biggest problem for Outback was that using two systems on the range meant two production lines, one for the manufacture of lava rock trays, the other for flavour bars.

The decision was made to stick with the lava rock; customers know it and get on well with it. You can see from the diagram how the system works in relation to the cooking surfaces, on a charcoal BBQ the fuel acts as a super hot coal that vaporizes the foods fat and juices turning it into smoke that in turn adds the authentic flavour to food, the lava rock sits directly above the burners to do exactly the same thing, the rocks are heated by the gas burners to super hot temperatures, fat drips from the cooking surface above over the hot rocks and are turned to smoke packed with flavour.

General Barbecue Cooking Tips

Cooking on a BBQ is a great way to enjoy good food outside either relaxing with family or throwing a party for all, that's just what Outback stand for, so each BBQ has been built to make you the pro in the garden, here are a couple of tips.

Hooded Gas Barbecues

The all-rounder, ideal for almost any form of cooking, roasting or frying! Outback know the importance of being able to cook a variety of foods all from the same grill, that's why most have a split cooking system, one half grill and the other griddle, so you can cook sausages and get the sear marks on burgers on the grill and do the bacon, or vegetables on the griddle plate.

With a hooded BBQ always remember to cook with the hood down, this does two major things, one is it keeps the heat in and by the design of the hood keeps everything circulating properly so even cooking is easy, the other is that when the hood is down it greatly reduces the risks of flare-ups, these are common when cooking fatty foods like burgers and sausages, the fat is too much for the rocks to cope with and with the hood up it has more than enough oxygen to fire up, if you do get a fire start in the grill never use water, simply close the lid and shut down the burners.

Flatbed Gas Barbecues

More of a specialist gas grill, very popular throughout Europe where cooking outside is more normal than inside, flatbeds are great for fast cook meats, fish and vegetables, they have no lid so are limited by what you can cook.

Indirect & Direct Cooking

This system of cooking can be used on charcoal or gas but only BBQs with a hood or lid. Direct is where you place the food directly over the lit burners, ideal for smaller cuts of meat, and fast cook food.

Indirect is where you light the burners to the side of the food, so for example a 3 burner barbecue you would light the left and right hand side burners leaving the middle one turned off, your larger cuts of meat would then be placed in the centre of the BBQ for a lower slower cook, this method is one of the most popular today with more people cooking larger meals on the grill.

There are also a massive number of BBQ accessories available to help you, and with additions such as rotisseries, smoker boxes and wood chips you can create some really fantastic food, and remember when your friends ask how you did, just tell them you did it all on your Outback Barbecue!

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