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What Gas Do I Need?

What Gas Do I Need?

Today and for the last 3 or 4 years modern barbecues have been set to operate properly from a Propane gas supply, this is the same as your household mains gas, years ago barbecues would run from Butane, and still will but not efficiently.

Why not Butane? This type of gas burns cooler, it has a higher risk of freezing and so is no longer used on barbecues, however if you have recently replaced your barbecue you can still use up any gas you have left, then swap the bottle with Calor for a "Patio" gas bottle, simply use your old BBQ's regulator, then once you run out and swap your bottle, change the regulator back over to the one that was supplied with your BBQ.

"Patio Gas" is in a green bottle with an orange top, modern barbecues use high powered gas burners that are jetted to operate efficiently on propane, it burns hotter and won't freeze up, it also lasts a little longer and has a handy fuel gauge so you know if you running low before the party starts!

What is Bottle Freeze? this is not just something that happens in the winter, (although it can), freezing is where the gas is being drawn from the bottle very quickly, and the gas moves so fast that it simply freezes itself, you can tell because the bottle will start to "snow-up" from the bottom of the bottle, when this happens the gas can't move as quickly and the result is a lower pressure on the supply to the gas burners, it turn you get a BBQ that's not burning hot enough so your food takes longer to cook. Propane "Patio Gas" bottles greatly reduce this.

Where Can I Buy Gas for my BBQ?

Buying replacement cylinders of gas is easy, you can do it directly with Calor Gas online, they will process your order and deliver it to your door, failing that most big chain fuel stations stock Calor gas so you can always call in.

When buying your first gas bottle do take into consideration the cost of the rental on the bottle itself, this is a one off charge should you not have an empty to exchange. Your initial purchase for gas if it's your first time will be approx £70, after this you will only pay a "refill" charge of approx £30. To buy gas online please visit Calor on the link below:

Buy Patio Gas online direct from Calor

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